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Bertacco Ferrier Pty Ltd employs only experienced and qualified Valuers, each maintaining membership of the Australian Property Institute (API) and accreditation as Certified Practising Valuers. The Continuing Professional Development program and the Risk Management Module administered by the API has been embraced, with each Valuer attending workshops and seminars on economic, specific property and property related issues whilst the Institute’s Code of Ethics are strictly adhered to.

The directors and associate directors below have combined experience of over 100 years, providing leadership to our team of valuers and enabling the firm to undertake a variety of complex valuation assignments with our team engaged by solicitors, business bankers, developers and private clients.


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Alan Bertacco (FAPI)

Certified Practising Valuer
Associate Diploma of Valuation (RMIT)
Licensed Real Estate Agent (No 032906)
Advanced Certificate in Real Estate (RMIT)
Specialist Retail Valuer
Expert Evidence Certification (API)

Alan has been working in the property industry since 1981 and has been engaged to value all property types having particular experience in projects across all property sector pillars encompassing established property and development projects.

Alan has also been a member of the Australian Property Insitute’s Continuing Professional Development Committee, four years of which as Chair of the committee. Alan is a Fellow of the API and is a recipient of a Meritorious Service Award from the API. He has also lectured at various industry and property conferences and seminars.

Headshot of Mark


Mark Ferrier (AAPI)

Certified Practising Valuer
Associate Diploma of Valuation (RMIT)
Expert Evidence Certification (API)
Associate of the Australian Property Institute No. 62380

Mark commenced his property career in 1986 and holds particular skill in residential and commercial development feasibility, and commercial and industrial valuations.

Mark’s valuation career has covered an extensive range of aspects in the private and Government sectors ranging from individual valuations to mass appraisal contracts.

Similarly advice has been sought from Mark by institutional and private sectors clients.

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