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Independent residential market property valuations

Residential Property Valuations undertaken by Bertacco Property Valuations encompass both Prestige Residential and non-prestige Residential properties. Industry leading experience and national coverage allows our firm to accept valuation instructions for most properties throughout Australia.

Bertacco Property Valuations are engaged to undertake both mass valuation assignments along with complex and high valued prestige residential and development valuations.

Prestige residential properties valued by our firm typically range from $5 million to $40 million with detailed long form reports being produced by our Senior Valuers and Director. Our Prestige Residential valuation services are sought-after commonly by high wealth private bank departments and law firms.

High volume residential valuations cover broader metropolitan and select regional localities with thousands of properties inspected and valued each financial year by Bertacco Property Valuations for all purposes including mortgage, taxation and litigation.

Residential Property Valuations

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