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Matrimonial valuations are undertaken when there is a separation of parties and the value of the real estate is required to complete settlement of a matter. A Certified Practising Valuer can be engaged to act on behalf of both parties, or alternatively each party may appoint a valuer to act independently. The best property advice that can be sought to assist in this legal process is from a Certified Practising Valuer.

Bertacco Property Valuations property valuers have the ability to undertake extensive research for comprehensive valuation reports that will hold true in potential court proceedings. Our firm has been engaged to prepare valuation reports for the Supreme Court, Magistrates Court and Family Law / Federal Circuit Courts throughout Sydney and Melbourne.

Expert Evidence certifications have been undertaken by our staff members and the Expert Witness Code of Conduct is strictly adhered to when undertaking property valuations for litigation purposes.

Valuers at Bertacco Property Valuations are experienced in matrimonial and litigation valuations across all property types including residential, commercial and industrial. We are mindful these events are an emotional and stressful period and pledge the utmost privacy and discretion is maintained throughout.

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We provide expert valuation and advisory services for the legal sector to assist with settlement.

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