Investing for Capital Growth

Are You Looking To Invest for Capital Growth? “I am looking at investing in property, what areas are going to increase in value?” One of our most frequently asked questions….

Risks of Buying New Apartments

60% of ‘off the plan’ apartments researched were sold above market value throughout 2015. Our office is instructed to value hundreds of new apartments every year within the Melbourne CBD,

Why use a Valuer as a Vendor Advocate?

Selling a property is a major financial transaction that can be both stressful and time consuming, at times taking greater than six months to achieve. Even with a selling agent

Property Yields Explained

Investors will often hear the term Yield or Capitalisation Rate. What is the difference between them? Essentially they are the same but are derived from different sides of the analysis.

What is Market Value?

The case of Spencer v The Commonwealth of Australia (1907) is the origin of the modern meaning of market value, which was defined as: The estimated amount for which an